What Is A “Yes” Legacy?

I have taken a lot of risks in my 30-something years on earth. Sometimes it has yielded “successful” results and other times it has left me flat on my face in disappointment. Regardless of the many “less-than-glorious” outcomes, I desire to leave a legacy of saying “yes” to the unknown, uncomfortable, and potentially very costly, opportunities God sets in front of me. I’m not consistent, by any stretch of the word, but I am trying to hold onto life and it’s goodness loosely so that when the invitation to risk is extended, I am ready to respond in faith. It is a lifestyle that I hope to model for my children. Through trial and error I have found that leaving a legacy of “yes” requires a heart that is tuned to the whisper of the Holy Spirit and an ability to discern the answer to the “is this me or you, God?” question that threatens forward momentum.

But being human is hard.

Life is full of pain, stress, tragedy, and betrayal and, as a result, we gravitate towards comfort, safety, and familiarity. But what if, amidst the ugly heaviness, we were being invited into something bigger? Something better. Something beautiful and light. What if there was a way to navigate the messy and come out of the furnace not even smelling like smoke?

Risky? Ya.

Safe? Probably not.

Legacy worthy? I sure hope so.

Throughout the life of this blog I will share some of my “worth the risk” stories as well as my “I’ll just go cry now” stories. I am also excited to share with you the chronicles of others who have said “yes” to the invitation to risk and (regardless of the outcome) grown more beautiful and holy as a result.

Welcome and be blessed.

“Through whom we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of his name among all the nations…” Romans 1:5


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